Poitiers International 22/10/2017

What a day!

Out for his very first show today, “Njordie” (Naraena Nordic-Nordman) made me very proud by winning Best Baby Puppy in Breed. His sister, “Nikki” (Naraena Nordic-Nymph) had a great day too but her brother beat her in the final challenge. I think they will swap places on many occasions in the future. I am delighted to say that “Njordie” was not phased by the big ring either but was not placed. The main thing is that they enjoyed themselves and the fuss that many people made of them.

“Lussi” (Naraena Lussi) enjoyed her day out and has returned with two certificates, the CACS, the CACIB, Best of Breed and a huge trophy. She tried her best in the group ring but was unsuccessful.

Not to be out-done, “Lin” (Kopparås Lin) won the Intermediate Class and went on to take the CACS, the CACIB and Best of Breed. She added the second huge trophy of the day to our collection. As the Norwegian Elkhound (Norsk Elghund Grå/Chien d’Elan Norvegién Gris) and the Swedish Vallhund (Västgötaspets/Spitz des Visigoths) are both in Group 5, I had to enlist Michael’s help to take “Lin” into the group. She was unsuccessful in securing a placing.

I have not been to Poitiers before and it is around two hours from home. We left and returned in the dark today reminding ourselves that Autumn is well and truly here and Winter beckons.