Messages & Photos from Norway

Happy new year France.

Another great season for Laban the hunter. Several moose’s and a lot of good situations.

As usual Laban never stop hunting until he find out it is time. That means some hours in the darkness waiting for him, but with the tracking system I usually know where he is.

And Laban I believe he find moose every time, but where he end up no one can say. Have been travelling up to 15 km to pick him up.

We started hunting at Gjøvik. A bit special this year as we missed Edvard.

Then we moved back to Mo I Rana  and finished the season here.

A lot of winter so I am skiing with Laban. He isn’t that very happy for running but he is enormously interested in good sniffing.

Beste hilsner fra Laban med familie.

We are so proud of NOR Hunting CH Naraena Laban who continues to please his family at home and his master when hunting. Memories of Edvard and his father, Knut, are held very dear at Bjørge.