The “Show Team” has moved to Amsterdam!

Today we were at the BENELUX WINNERS show at the Rai Centre Amsterdam. Wow, it was lovely to have air conditioned halls despite the temperature being much lower outside.

Njordie was first to go into the ring and behaved much better in the ring today. He was awarded a grading of Very Good and placed 2nd in the Junior Class. It was a joy to watch his two sisters, Nikki and Inger in the Junior Bitch Class where they were placed 2nd and 3rd respectively. All three litter mates at 14 months have a lot of maturing to do.

Teddy took his turn in the ring much later in the day. He was graded Excellent and won the Open Dog Class. He did not succeed any further in the challenge. There was a lovely entry from Scandinavia and England.

Tomorrow we have a Special Show for Group 5 breeds. Dogs and owners get a bit of a “lie-in” as doors open at midday for judging at 14:00 hours.