Spitz Club National Eleveurs Ch Show at Montluçon

Always an enjoyable show seeing all the Nordic and Japanese Spitz gathered together for this annual event. It was a great day for Naraena. Njordie (Naraena Nordic-Nordman) was 2nd in Intermediate with an Excellent whilst Lin (FR CH Kopparas Lin) one of my Swedish Vallhunds was second in the Champion Class with an Excellent.

However, Malcolm & Enid Hicks had a super day. Njordie’s sister Nikki (Naraena Nordic Nymph) won the Intermediate class with an Excellent and went on to win the CACS. Not to be outdone, their father, Jaxon (INT & Multi Champion Naraena Magnus) won the Champion Class with Excellent and went Best of Breed.

Next into the ring was Malcolm & Enid’s Veteran, Jenna (Malenibo Jannibelle) who won first with Excellent and took Best Veteran. What a day in the Breed Ring!

First photo is Enid with Nikki and the second with Jaxon.