December 2011:
Merry christmas Wendy and Michael.
Laban has finished all tests to be qualified for searching wounded moose for the hunting team. He did the tracking for 30 minutes without problems. He had a very good huntingtrial,(I do not really know how to name it). He scored high but I haven’t got the result yet. First ranking.

Laban got two mooses this year. He had a great season and a lot of “loser”.

Laban is a natural born hunter. I really look forward to go to the forest with him the next years.

Beste hilsen fra Polarsirkelen v/Arild


29th January 2011 – Laban wrote: “I am celebrating one year with my friend Alexander, also one year old. There is a lot of snow in Mo i Rana”.  I hope you got a piece of cake Laban!

Where's my piece of cake?

8th January 2011 – Arild expressed his confidence in Laban’s hunting ability as follows:
“I feel for sure Laban will be a sucsess in the elgforest. His work so far would have given him enough points for a rating, and with a little luck,(as most of us need) he would have got a 1. rating. If he had been a little older or the snow had stayed away until christmas I would have tested him. 2011 must be Labans year!”
1st January 2011 – in an e-post with pictures from Arild he wrote:  “Fortsatt god jul og godt nytt år”
“Laban is doing very well. He has a touch of arrogancy, and I like it. Otto was born six years ago at that place. He is not happy for the changes,
Laban doesen’t care. Fireworks (which Norway always have on New Year’s Eve) didn’t affect Laban at all either. He is a fearless little dog.
He has been hunting elg severel times since the hunting season finished. As we have the animals close to our house we have to be carefull.
Laban runs away if he has the correct smells from the areas around. He did so in the beginning of december when I should bring him from the fence
to the  house. Away in a second and starting barking two minutes later just hundered meters from the house.”2011 will be a great elg year I feeel for sure! (we hope so too Arild)
Best wishes from the Arctic Circle.
Hilsen Arild & co


Laban and Otto

22nd September 2010 – an email and pictures arrived from Arild confirming the telephone call I had received two evenings before about Laban. Whilst I am very proud of all the puppies, I have to admit that I was speechless when I received these pictures:

Aren't I a clever boy!!

He has earned a rest!

Arild said “Two pictures of Labans first moose. Very good start for the little boy. He found the moose all by himself”

I should explain that this elk has been injured and Arild was detailed to go out and track the animal to put it out of its misery. He has been training Laban from an early age and decided that this would be a good opportunity to see what he can do. I’m told that it took Laban 15 minutes to find the injured animal and was not in the least bit scared. This should bode well for the future when I hope that Laban will show his skills off at formal hunting trials.

Granny Elsa, Mummy Kristina, Uncle Blue, Lussi, Lady and Punky congratulate you Laban and are very jealous of your success plus Michael and I are just smiling from ear to ear :-))

17th May 2010 – Norway’s National Day!
Arild wrote: We celebrate of course the national day. Late spring have given little opportunity to put out some tracks, but now the season can start. Last day we went for skiing and both dogs are pretty calm today. Best wishes from the arctic circle. Laban with family
…… and Otto got in on the act too and dressed for the occasion!
30th April 2010 – Received news of Laban and a photo of him with Simen and his house-mate Otto. The two dogs are getting along well and Otto is trying to explain to Laban what is expected of an Elg hunting dog ……

Simen, Otto and Laban

1st April 2010 – Laban meets Pappa! (photos Edvard)

Hei pappa, should I look up to you?

"Hello son"

Is this really my son pappa!

Ask's mamma Lene shows Emma the newcomer

I'm keeping my eye on you!

31st March 2010 – The Norwegian party begin their journey north after a visit to the vet for Laban’s health check. They are heading for Gjøvik for a stop-over with Edvard & Lene before continuing their journey to Mo-i-rana! Time to meet ‘daddy’ and all went well I believe.

30th March 2010 – Edvard (Ask’s owner), Arild, his son Simen and cousin Mari arrived from Norway (photos Edvard)

Laban's "the one"!

How did they all squeeze in! Simen, Mari & the pups

28th February 2010 (4 weeks) Isabella chose this puppy to be the one to be the future hunting dog in Norway. How right she was – this is in fact the one who became Laban! 🙂

Laban with his friend Isabella