Líf Embla







Lady of the Garden

Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Ishtar left/Embla right







Lady of the Garden II

15th June 2011

Recent pictures of Embla and her pal Ishtar.

Embla is definitely growing up and maturing nicely.

Don’t the two look so peaceful fast asleep in the garden.

Looking forward to seeing them and their willing slaves soon!



















4th April 2011 – New pictures of Embla and her companion Ishtar plus friend Gaia arrived today.  How lovely the girls are looking! Looking forward to seeing them.

at the movies!

Hare watching in the fields

Climbing isn't that easy

Relaxing at home

Where's that mouse?

Two see more than one!

23rd February 2011 – A note received from Aaltsje and Marita included a couple of new pictures and to tell me that Embla and Ishtar are firm friends and love each others company and playing with together. Embla – you’ve grown up quite a lot!

Ishtar (left) & Embla (right)

Embla "I'll make short work of this"!

29th January 2011 – Received this message and photos:

“Dear Wendy and Michael, Included the pictures of Embla’s “birthdayparty”. Marita made scrambled eggs for her and Ishtar like you did when she was a puppy. They really enjoyed it. Embla did get a few presents and, as you can see on the picture, Ishtar was really looking forward to opening up the packet, she forgot that it was Embla’s birthday.

It's my birthday but I don't know what to do with it yet.

Marita making srambled eggs for breakfast

Srambled eggs for two!

birthday presents. Ishtar knows what's coming up

Love this present, 2 days and it will be gone!

In the afternoon they both “helped” us a little bit doing some gardening.”

The party outside: gardening

“And now: they are both asleep.”

Now my puppie days are over: I'll miss them already

Birthday's make you very tired

“We like to congratulate all of Embla’s sisters and brothers and ofcourse, mama Kristina and grandma Elsa and you both for breeding such a lovely L-litter. Thank you!
Love from Marita, Aaltsje and the Marvelous Two

22nd December 2010 – In sending their Christmas Wishes this picture was included – thank you

Dear Wendy and Michael,
Wishing you all a happy xmas and a very happy new year.
Included a picture of Embla 11 months old .(almost)
Lot’s of love from a cold and snowy Holland.
Marita and Aaltsje

Butter wouldn't melt, or she's tired!

18th December 2010 – Aalsje wrote “Here a couple of pictures of the snowy-two in…..yes…..the snow.”















The Happy Twosome!

5th December 2010 – Time for Sinterklaas to visit The Netherlands from Spain and that means presents for the children (and dogs too). Embla and Ishtar were not forgotten as you can see.

Yum, yum. We like these goodies

... taking a nap with Aaltsje

Having fun in the snow!

15th November 2010 – It’s Aaltsje’s turn to be in front of the camera lens and what charming photos these are:

11th October 2010 – Whilst sending me the two pictures of Embla and Ishtar that follow, Marita and Aalsje wrote that they can’t wait to see the new pictues on the blog and the news from Norway sounds very exciting.

"An apple a day keeps the vet away"

Picking blackberries - they love them!!

Glad to see that I’m not the only one with a fruit picker in the family! In my case, it’s Freyia the Västgötaspets – she loves them too!

30th August 2010 – Marita and Aaltsje wrote: “Some pictures we took a few weeks ago when a friend of ours came to stay with us for a week together with her 14 weeks old puppy. That was big fun for the dogs” The photos show that a great time was had by all, humans included!

Ishtar thinks "Kids, I don't know what to do with them!"

"I can't believe it, she's sitting on my head!"

"Dogs talk"

3.8.10 Embla on Scandinavian Bedrock called “Hunebed”

Embla - 6 months

Ishtar & Embla running across sand

Above 24th July 2010 – A super picture of Marita with Embla and Ishtar whilst out on one of their holiday walks. I guess it may have been a stop to study the map that Marita is holding!

2nd July 2010 – Aaltsje says that Embla is leaving one or two around for the ‘Tooth Fairy’ but does not seem to be experiencing any problems bringing in her new teeth. Here she is chewing on a meat stick and relaxing with Ishtar







I'll try this side ...

... perhaps the other side

I'll join Ishtar for a rest now!!

18th June 2010 – Aaltsje wrote about this picture ‘sisters in crime’. I wonder what they have been up to?

Ishtar & Embla 'Follow the leader'

7th June 2010 – Have received news and pictures from Aaltsje that Embla is attending Puppy School with Marita. Both the 4-legged and the 2-legged attendees are doing well! Aaltsje says that Embla is very quick to learn.

Marita & Embla - "Sit"

.... and "walking to heel"

20th May 2010 – Another link to a video entitled “The Flowerpot Lady”


17th May 2010 Received the lovely photo of Ishtar and Embla in the car which is on the main page looking very excited about where they might be going to and news of a new video which can be seen using the link below which I have nick+named ‘Flowerpot Lady’:


3rd May 2010 – and Embla is growing well

Marita with Ishtar & Embla

Me & My mate - sharing

Embla & Ishtar

Look at my posh bed!

26th April 2010 – More YouTube video available by this link


……. and these lovely pictures entitled ‘Flower Power’ by Marita & Aaltsje – very apt for The Netherlands!

25th April 2010 – more lovely pictures – thanks Marita & Ishtar

22nd April 2010 – a lovely head study sent by Marita & Aaltsje

Isn't she a beauty!!!!!

16th April 2010 (11 weeks) – Me nd my best friend!

Embla getting her feet firmly under the table at home in The Netherlands with Marita & Aaltsje and her new playmate, Ishtar!

I'm bigger than you!

..but I can run rings around you!

The ball's as big as me!

Time for a rest!

10th April, 2010 – new pictures of Embla from Marita & Aaltsje :

What a beauty!

Escape from Alcatraz



Fell into a ditch today!

God speaks to Embla

11th April 2010

Aaltsje and Marita have sent more pictures of Embla and Ishtar plus a link to YouTube for the latest video


The family group

Glad I found this toy!

Look at me!

Look at me!