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3rd June 2011 – Fred titled his message “My Best Friend”

Lou, his companion Malouk and his master are healthy and enjoying life in the mountains.

Lou – you look like you own the beautiful swiss chalet and the mountains beyond. Fred, you got in the picture too – in shadow! 





27th March 2011

I received a message from Fred in Switzerland telling me what a wonderful boy Lou is and that he is very proud of him.

He’s looking great Fred – must be all the clear, fresh Swiss mountain air! 🙂

29th January 2011 – Lou wrote: “Hy Wendy now i am 1 Year old and got a nice Present”.

Happy Birthday Lou

3rd January 2011 – Lou said “One month more and I am one year old”

Lou said "Happy New Year"

21 December 2010 – What a lovely way to send Lou’s Christmas Greetings! Lovely photo, thanks Fred.

Happy Christmas!

19th December 2010 – What a lovely collage of Lou, Malouk, Theres & friends sent by Fred with Christmas greetings:

27th October 2010 – Fred said “Here is a picture of Lou. He is a very good boy. I hope you are well and everything is OK. In November and December we are going to school with Lou”.

The best of luck Lou and I hope you will be an excellent pupil. You are getting more and more handsome.

Just look at me now!

15th September 2010 – a month on and Lou’s head is beginning to grow. The message with the following photos read: “I hope you know me, my name is Lou and I like it in Graechen (in the Swiss mountains) with my friend Malouk and my Master Fred”.

You called!

Mister Softie!

12th August 2010 – When sending this picture to me the message read “My name is Lou, I hope you are thinking of me”. Of course we are Lou!

I'm wearing my registration tag!

5th August 2010 – “I’ve got a lovely soft and warm pillow, thank you Maluk”

Lou & his special pillow - Maluk

2nd August 2010 – Big boy Lou, just turned six months. See also the picture with Fred on the front page




Theres with Lou & MalukLou at 6 months

Lou at 6 months

29th July 2010 – Lou getting a cuddle ‘baby style’ from his mam! He’s a real ‘Mr Softie’!!

9th July 2010Fred reports about Lou’s first puppy class. He did very well at the sit, walking on the leash and with children but apparently he needs to practice the recall! (It’s that Norwegian Elkhound ¨deaf ear¨) Fred included this lovely picture of Lou and his family.

6th July 2010 – Typical Norwegian Elkhound loving every minute in the company of adults and especially children! Thanks for the photos Fred. Looking forward to hearing about Puppy School.





Thesy, Lou and children

My best show pose!

29th June 2010 – Caught napping again with Maluk! I guess Lou is saving his energy for next week when he’s off to school. Good luck Lou. Fred, don’t forget that elkies are very intelligent, learn fast but turn a deaf ear when they think that have done something too many times!!

20th June 2010 – Fred says ‘he’s going to be a star!’

Star quality!

10th June 2010

Maluk & Lou

Having a sleep

1st June 2010 – The ‘getting to know’ process is going well with Maluk:

...and another friend, Butch

30th May 2010 – Fred reports that Lou has completed his journey to Switzerland and is getting to know his new four-legged companion, Maluk, and his new ‘mum’ Theres. Fred sent me this lovely picture taken shortly after they arrived home

Lou and Theres

28th May 2010 – Having anxiously awaited this day since last October, Fred arrived from Switzerland this afternoon with his son-in-law Guefe and his friend Rolf who accompanied him on his long journey and were relief drivers too.

left to right: Guefe, Fred and Lou, & Rolf

Fred and Lou appeared to bond straight away and training began almost immediately with the help of the common language – goodis! The weather was not very agreeable, nevertheless out came the grill and we had a great evening.

29th May 2010 – time to begin the long journey home ..

Waiting at home in the Swiss mountains is Fred’s Wife and Lou’s new companion, Maluk. He is a 12 year old Siberian Husky and we hope he will accept his new young companion and gain a new lease of life too.


26th April 2010 – 12 weeks – Another special week with a trip to the vet with my brothers and sisters for my second vaccination! Today my brother Odin, Lady and I were taken for a ride in the car. Later on, wearing a collar with a lead attached, we went for a walk around the garden and up the track in the forest and Dad took our photo before we went inside. I was centre stage (!) and Lady is posing to my left.

Mi Lord in the centre & Lady on the left

15th April 2010 – I will be 11 weeks old tomorrow and I’m looking forward to meeting my new ‘Daddy’ soon and learning how to yodel!!!

Guess where I’m going to live!

Hi Dad - she wont let me sleep!