15th January 2011 – Captured with ‘granny’ Elsa standing behind me!

Lussi (front) Elsa (rear)

22nd August 2010 – Lussi with her friend and expert Junior Handler, Isabella. Wow, what a day they had at the Västkustvalpen Show. HP (Honour Prize), BIR (Best of Breed) and in the last 20 in the 70+ strong challenge for Best Puppy 6-9 months (all breeds)!! Thanks Isabella and Lussi, of course.

Isabella & Lussi awaiting pre-judging


24th June 2010 – I’m on the right and that’s my sis Lady on the left

Two peas in a pod!

5th June 2010 – Sleeping in the sun until I got the camera out and disturbed her!

18th April 2010

Well mum, the floor’s a bit hard when I want a little beauty sleep so I pinched the cushion!

15th April 2010 – 11 weeks tomorrow!

Butter wouldn't melt ...

.... when I just want to sleep!